C l i E n t H i S t O r Y

An incomplete client history for sure – but if one thing can be said, we're always first, always leading edge, always pushing whatever the envelope might be. And there is little comfort (and sometimes profit) in that. But that's who we are. Ideas busted, conventions shattered, and sacred cows slain, we've worked with Sony, Nintendo, Kellogg's, McDonald's, Samsung, Hyundai, American Airlines, the Korean Ministry of Finance and more to put their message well ahead of the pack.

Occupy Wall Street – Would you call Occupy Wall Street a client? Not normally, but when your founder has returned to the US after working overseas at a time of national economic ruin and gets a societal concept into the Wall Street Journal and countless other media channels, inside of 30 days – for protesting Wall Street excess – one might think he had an idea. A good idea. The #iThinkOutsideMyBox project asked people to look beyond the demonstration to find real solutions. 

From 2011 the Occupy movement found itself by focusing on the 99% vs 1%, elected a new mayor of New York and brought to front a global pandemic recognized by everyone from the Pope to Richard Branson as our planet's biggest challenge - income inequality. How do you equalize the opportunity of our inhabitants for the betterment of all?  The #iThinkOutsideMyBox, project has illuminated the promotion of  People, Planet, Profit as a mantra for business and life in our future. 

Sony Music – Using the Sony Music catalog as the story teller and the viewer's imagination to supply visuals, this television campaign features only a white screen and minimalist typography allowing viewers to make their own music video – in their minds. Powerful proof of a powerful product.

The Korean Ministry of Finance – Following the Asian financial crisis the Korean Ministry of Finance
 needed to instill confidence in the international financial community. These press materials painted Korea as the digital and tech juggernaut it is today – long before Samsung was a household name.

The Art Directors Club of New York – How do you bring the New York Art Directors Show to Seoul? 
By subway of course. With roughly similar size metro systems in both length and ridership, the underground became a common bridge between two seemingly disparate cultures.

McCann Worldwide – Working behind the projection screen as a silhouette and mystery creative, 
David built a story of reinvention for top global McCann creative directors using the #iThinkOutsideMyBox project as a case study. Redefining the concept of public art by getting the public to actually create the art, creative direction was reinterpreted as an inverted pyramid where the ideas flowed up as opposed to down.