Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Art in Advertising

MADMEN Final Season – Designer: Milton Glaser

Art has always been part of advertising. In fact, it's exactly what got me into it when I was just a teenager – the album covers, done by so many a great graphic designer, to arguably "sell" us the music inside. But none of it was ever about the selling to me – more just the ephemeral being a part of our daily lives, sitting around decorating our houses – or bird cages. Milton Glaser, designer of those days and above, still these days, sums it up this way:

"Stop thinking of art as an activity totally separate from the human activity; but rather as a part of being human and part of life that is intrinsic, not as a separate event."

Milton Glaser would also be known as the man who designed the INY logo – something else that is more just a part of our lives, not really a piece of advertising. You can read more about him here.